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What To Look For When Purchasing Automatic Sliding Doors

May 18, 2018

Advanced Door Service is proud to be a Horton Automatics company. Horton pioneered the use of automatic doors more than 50 years ago.

That’s longer than anyone else and we’re still doing it because to us a great automatic door system has four non-negotiable elements.
  1. It is safe.
  2. It is secure.
  3. It is reliable
  4. Is is cost efficient.

Start with Safety.

We understand the government standards that mandate accessibility for everyone who wants to enter or leave your facility. Because all Advanced Door Service technicians are AAADM certified, our sliding door systems comply with all government accessibility regulations.

Ensuring the safe passage of visitors and staff requires a custom system that allows access at precisely the right moment for precisely the right amount of time, day after day, year after year. It means understanding the traffic flow of your facility, the habits of the people who use it and the needs of the staff who bring it to life.


When your facility is closed, our systems deliver a barrier to safeguard your essential equipment from theft, vandalism and fire.

Finally, Reliability and Cost.

At Advanced Door Service, reliability goes further than the premium quality of our doors and installations. It means access to the talented professionals who can service, maintain and troubleshoot your automatic door system. Our 24/7 emergency service delivered through offices in Burlington, London and Ottawa as well as a network of authorized dealers means help is never far away.

Systems are produced and installed with sustainability in mind.
  • The thickness and design of an exterior door protects from the elements and reduces the amount of heat and cooling loss.
  • We understand people are in a hurry. They forget to close doors behind them. Automatic doors not only release less heat than a swing door as people pass through, but the energy saved by using an automatic door is far greater than the energy needed to operate the door. An automatic door can conserve heat and cooling and lowers your energy bills for years to come. That’s good for your bottom line and for the environment.
  • Since motors vary in efficiency and energy use, we help clients select the perfect drive system for each installation.
For more than five decades, the Horton name has graced doors people passed through to find care, quality and service. 

Contact Advanced Door Service for your automatic door system.

What To Look For When Purchasing Automatic Sliding Doors

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