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Door Services Corporation, Sales Representative Provides Fire Door Safety Training for Team of Service Technicians

July 18, 2022

Nicole Casa, CFDAI, DSI, provides the first ‘in-house’ Fire \Door Safety Technician Training for 14 of DoorKeith Pardoe and Nicole Casa Services Corporation’s service technicians.

Fourteen technicians from various Door Service branch locations include: Advanced Door Service, Eastern Door Service, Allegheny Door Enterprises, Keystone Automatic Door Enterprises and Advanced Door Automation.

“I am excited to have this opportunity to teach our experienced team of door service technicians about fire door safety and fire door inspections. It has been great seeing how interactive they are during the training with asking lots of questions and talking about applications that will help them in their day-to-day jobs. They really understand how important their roles are in protecting building occupants.”

Co-teaching with Nicole is Keith Pardoe, the NFPA80 Chairman. Keith is Founder & CEO of Door Safety, LLC.

Keith’s career in the door industry spans more than 37 years. In 2017, Keith founded Door Safety, LLC, to provide training and information to end users regarding inspecting and maintaining swinging egress and fire doors.

fire door training
The course focuses on educating the technicians on how to perform NFPA 80’s door safety inspections. Each tech will leave the training with working knowledge of fire door inspections as well as the code requirements that affect them. Learning how to read and interpret the fire codes and standards will be an essential part of the training.

Technicians also learn what to do to inspect and test openings for compliance, maintenance and mitigation practices and procedures and more.

Keith’s advice for the technicians,
“Take the time to learn everything you can about egress and fire doors, especially the provisions and requirements of the building, fire and life safety codes – past and present – and the standards that affect them. Remember fire doors have one job, preventing a fire from spreading! What we do matters.”

fire door trainingLocated in the Northeast? Our team of technicians can inspect fire doors in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Give us a call at 800-492-2392 or fill out this contact form and we will get back to you within the same or next business day.

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