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Horton Automatic’s New C5190 Microprocessor Adds Significant Value to Horton’s Automatic Swing Doors

July 26, 2022

The Horton Automatics C5190 Swing Control is the most robust, user-friendly door control available in the industry today. It’s quick and easy to set up and trouble-shoot, the C5190 was rigorously field-tested to ensure fast installation and long-lasting operation.

The C5190 integrates some of the industry’s most advanced technological innovations for added precision, durability and complies with evolving ANSI standards, but it also retains the familiar user interface protocol from the C4190 swing control to ensure a seamless transition to this powerful new solution.
Horton C5190
We can upgrade your current Automatic Swing Door control with Horton Automatics C5190.* The C5190 is fully compliant with today’s ANSI guidelines.

The features and benefits of the C5190 add significant new value to Horton’s line of automatic swing doors.
  • New “plug and play” sensors remove the need for tedious wire stripping around screw terminals
  • Reduced installation time and simplified maintenance operations
  • Increased diagnostic capabilities enhance multifunction testing to pinpoint issues faster
  • Bigger, more legible LCD display for improved user interaction
  • 5 Additional Built-In functions: Strike Interface, Latch Relay, Power Assist Close, Sensor Monitoring, Auto Setup of Follower Door
  • Monitored sensors capabilities comply with the latest ANSI requirements
  • Voltage options of 110V or 220V
A complete listing of features can be found here.

Satisfies ANSI Standards

The C5190 microprocessor low energy control is Horton’s latest advancement in Swing Door Control Technology. It incorporates and supports all functions to meet ANSI A156.19 for Low Energy Operators where applicable.

The ANSI A156.19 standard, is designed to ensure added safety for pedestrians. This means more sophisticated sensor monitoring technologies, either through new installations or upgrades of existing automatic control units.

*The steps it takes to upgrade to a Horton C5190 will be dependent on the set up of your existing door(s). Our technician will have to come out to inspect your door(s) to determine what is necessary for your upgrade. 

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