Automatic Doors for Hospitals

This comprehensive guide offers valuable information on how automatic doors in hospitals can improve hospital safety, efficiency, accessibility and more.

Welcome to our focused guide on automatic doors in hospitals, a crucial component for improving accessibility, safety, patient care, and efficiency. Our selected blogs explore the importance of automatic doors for design and ADA compliance, their role in infection control, security, and meeting regulatory standards. We also discuss their benefits for energy sustainability, cost management, patient experience, and emergency readiness. Each article offers insights into how automatic doors enhance healthcare environments, making them safer, more accessible, and patient-friendly. Discover how these innovations can transform hospital infrastructure through our expertly curated content. 

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Safety, Security, and Compliance  
Energy Efficiency and Sustainability  
Patient Experience and Wellbeing  
Emergency Preparedness and Functionality

What Our Clients Say

With 60 years of experience and the most skilled technicians in the industry, we have helped countless clients keep their commercial doors in shape.
Here are some client testimonials:

I wanted to recognize the hard work and dedication that your installation crew displayed last week. The men came to the site to install the sliders here at the medical facility. What seemed like an easy quick install turned into a very long day, with many unforeseen challenges.

The guys waited patiently through the down times allowing for a viable solution and installation for the interior doors. Then, they waited for the demo of the second opening and for that to get installed. I thought for sure they were going to give up and say sorry we can’t do this today. But I believe it was the more experienced of the crew who came up with a wild idea that he pitched. He motivated the crew to give it one last push when they clearly wanted to go home. The crew was able to install the slider and get it working without the required minimum rough opening.

I’ll be honest, I don’t see this kind of dedication and willingness to cooperate/finish the job from many door installers, or sub-contractors for that matter. I thought for sure they were going to leave the moment they found the first issue, especially after finding they had a 2-to-3-hour drive back home. But no, they surprised me and kept at it. We are very grateful that the doors got installed and working by the end of the day.

Please send our thanks to these men from myself and my team.