Automatic Doors and Access Control

July 29, 2021

Automatic doors are often thought of as necessary for main entry ways to a building, but how often do you stop to think about automated entrances and exits INSIDE a building? If the purpose of automated entrances is to reduce touch points, add convenience, access controls, and increase efficiencies in a building, why wouldn’t you want the same inside the building? From office to lavatory access, automated entryways are becoming more and more prevalent even as you read this!

Let’s not forget with all of this automated access, access control is now becoming more essential, especially with restricted areas in buildings such as airport security, school security systems, an executive’s suite, government offices, restricted senior living areas, hospital ICUs and more.

These restricted areas often need a secure way to regulate traffic flow. Access control systems are available (and scalable!) to integrate with your existing automated entryways on the exterior of your building and the interior.

Keycard & Key Fob Systems

keycard access

Whether you need to restrict access at main entrances or you want to control access to certain parts of a facility, keycard and key fob systems offer a simple and effective solution.

You can add access control to new doors throughout your facility and even new buildings
without having to issue new cards or key fobs.

Biometric Access Control

biometrics access

For added security, biometric access control uses fingerprints, facial recognition, iris scans and other biometric means to identify individuals who have the proper security access to pass through various checkpoints.

Automatic doors with biometric access control enabled are often found in government
buildings, hospitals, labs and more.

Bluetooth Enabled Access Controlbluetooth access

Bluetooth access

Bluetooth access control offers hands-free solutions to keep your facility secure without having to issues keycards or fobs. In modern times, just about everyone has a mobile device with Bluetooth technology that can be used for access control.

For all your access control and automatic door needs, contact our team at Door Services Corporation.

Automatic Doors and Access Control

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