Types of Automatic Doors Used in Schools

June 10, 2024

Automatic doors are a great option for a school building. However, choosing the best type of automatic door can be a daunting experience for many decision-makers. There are several types of automatic doors. Understanding which of these options best suits the needs of your staff, students, and families in your school building makes the upgrade process easier.

What Do Automatic Doors Offer?

No matter the type of automatic door you choose, you can expect an increase in security, accessibility, and reliability. Modern-day automatic doors improve the look and function of your school’s entrances and make entryways safer and more secure.

Whether you want to improve the overall look of your school building, make the space safer for students and staff, or upgrade to meet accessibility requirements, automatic doors are the way to go.

Types of Automatic Doors

When it comes to school doors, most people think of swinging glass doors for exterior entryways and exits and wooden swinging doors for internal doorways into classrooms, bathrooms, and offices.

These are far from your only options. There are several different types of automatic doors, any of which can be an excellent solution for school buildings and other educational facilities.

What are the best types of automatic doors for schools? Doors that offer increased security, accessibility, and reliability improve the function and safety of your school. Automatic door options for schools and educational facilities include:

Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors operate by sliding along a track, providing a wide entryway to accommodate large groups of students moving in and out of the building.

Revolving Doors

Revolving doors are visually appealing and keep traffic moving smoothly and safely.

Swinging Doors

An automatic swing door works like a traditional swing door; however, this option offers wider space, easier entry, and can save energy.

Folding Doors

Folding doors are ideal for smaller spaces and help temporarily divide rooms into separate areas.

Fire Doors

Fire doors are a great safety feature to add to any school building. These doors are designed to contain a fire, protecting students and staff during emergencies.

Horizontal Accordion Fire and Security Doors

These doors are an innovative solution to code constraints that might otherwise impact the beauty, flow, and openness of a school building.

These doors are highly functional and easy to operate, making entry and exit to and from a school building convenient and safe. They are one of school administrators’ best remedies for dealing with risk of threat and fire combined with heavy foot traffic issues. They are also a wise financial investment because they help you save on expensive repairs over time.

Automatic Door Features

The most basic automatic door can help you improve traffic flow into and out of your school building.

Additionally, you can upgrade your doors with features that will enhance safety, security, and functionality. For instance:

  • Automatic door openers include motion sensors, card readers, and weight sensors.
  • Locks can be automatic and set up to lock automatically under various conditions, including anti-passback, anti-piggybacking, alarm, and more.
  • Many automatic doors can be set up with remote controls to open, close, and lock with voice control or other offsite devices.
  • Magnetic breakaways let users open the door quickly in an emergency.
  • Bullet-resistant glass provides an added layer of security to protect against emergencies.
  • Some doors can be controlled remotely and lock down an area of a school within seconds, blocking sight and access for intruders during school lockdowns.

Making the best choices in school door designs is crucial when designing the ideal automatic door system for an educational facility.

What’s the Difference between Swinging Doors and Sliding Doors?

Two of the most popular automatic door options include swinging and sliding. Both are suitable for classrooms and building entrances, but since they function differently, one might suit your situation better than the other. Sliding doors are a space-saving option that requires no room in front or behind to open and close. These doors run on tracks and slide into the wall when open. They open more comprehensively than swinging doors, providing more space for oversized items, large groups, and assistive devices, including wheelchairs. Swinging doors tend to offer greater security and require less maintenance. They feature a simple design and look great on buildings of all styles.

Slide and swin doors offer a variety of similar benefits, including ease of use, security, and convenience. Sliding doors are a great option for main entrances, cafeterias, and large conference rooms. Swinging doors can be the perfect go-to for classrooms, bathrooms, lab spaces, etc.

Here are the most important features and differences for deciding whether a sliding doors or a  swinging door is best for your intended space:

Sliding doors

  • Run on track and open to the sides
  • Are space-saving and don’t require any room in front or back to open
  • Offer more entry space because they are wider than swinging doors, making them great for crowded areas and perfect for doorways that need to be accessible to everyone
  • Are ideal for entry ways, large conference rooms, and cafeterias

Swinging doors

  • Are more practical and require less maintenance than sliding doors
  • Offer a simpler design
  • Might cost less to install and maintain
  • Are ideal for classrooms, labs, and bathrooms
Both types of doors are safe, secure, and easy to use.

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