A Practical Approach To Mitigating School Shooter Tragedies

May 03, 2023

In a recent article by CNN, they reported on FBI findings, "The US in 2022 saw the highest number of 'active shooter' casualties - deaths or injuries - of the past 5 years."

school lockdown

“Still fresh in the collective memory are the notable tragedies of Uvalde and Highland Park, which took the lives of dozens of precious children. While thoughts and prayers thankfully have not been in short supply and can help in soothing the afflicted, there are unsung heroes working on solutions to this complex issue,” comments Elias Campos, VP of Marketing for Horton Pedestrian Access Solutions.

27 April 2023 ~ The goal of Won-Door Corporation (one of four Horton Pedestrian Access Solutions brands) is to work with schools and universities across the nation to help mitigate these tragedies using remote-deployable security doors that also prevent the spread of fire.

Watch this video for a sampling of school projects where this technology is already being used, providing a sensible approach to mitigating these tragedies.

Using Won-Doors helps minimize the visual impact of the added security in schools and at the same time creates a safe, open environment that is conducive to learning, while providing much-needed fire and security protection. Features of this effective security solution include:

  • Access Controls: Limits access afterhours or in emergencies at the push of a button. Connects to external peripheral devices such as a keypad, card reader or fingerprint authentication device. Blocks sight lines and keeps out unwanted intruders.
  • High speed closing options: Compartmentalizes and hardens buildings in seconds while still meeting ADA requirements and allowing for safe and secure passageway.
  • Shut and lock corridors with a push of a button.
  • Cost Effective – Minimizes costs by allowing for security on fire doors. Increases leasable space, integrates with existing systems, replaces costly fire-rated glass and lowers maintenance costs, providing larger more opens spaces for less.
  • Retrofit: Provides the same protection levels on both existing and new construction that fits the unique design of your facility without interrupting the school season.

It is a time in our country’s history that we would never want to have to think about, but it is unfortunately everyone’s reality. As a Won-Door solution provider, Door Services branch locations and Won-Door Corporation want to help protect students and staff. With Won-Doors, schools can have a new first line of defense against intruders and even fires.

Source: https://www.cnn.com/2023/04/26/us/us-active-shooter-incidents-2022-fbi/index.html
Media Contact: Krista Rivers, Marketing Specialist, marketingds@overheaddoor.com


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