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How Automatic Doors Ensure Guest Safety in the Hospitality Industry

June 02, 2023

Automatic doors play a significant role in guest safety in the hospitality industry. They offer guests and patrons easy access to your building and provide a barrier between the great outdoors and the security, privacy, and comfort inside.

When accommodating a large number of people daily, you need doors that will impress in appearance and durability while maintaining operational efficiency. 

Automatic door systems are perfect for this industry because they are easy to use, accommodate different needs, and provide easy entrances and exits in an emergency.

How Are Automatic Doors Safe for Guests in the Hospitality Industry?

Automatic doors are one of the best options when it comes to the world of hospitality. This is primarily due to the safety aspects they provide. There are numerous benefits to using automatic doors when operating a hotel, restaurant, or any other hospitality business.

Security Benefits

Automatic door systems are widely known for their enhanced security benefits. Public doors are often left open, leading to security issues, like intruders accessing closed-off spaces.

Having automatic doors with automatic locks installed will ensure they are shut at all times without having to rely on guests or employees to remember to close them behind every time they come or go.

Health Benefits

Another great benefit to using automated door systems in the hospitality business is the touchless entry and exit ways. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are more concerned about their health and coming in contact with germs than ever before.

Installing an automatic door that can open and close without the need to touch a door handle can limit the spread of disease, illnesses, and bacteria.

Fire Safety Benefits

Another benefit of having automatic doors in public facilities is that they can be used to contain fires to one room or location. Some automatic doors have sensors and can close and lock when a fire is detected.

According to Reliable Fire & Security, roughly 50% of all fires in hotels and motels are caused by cooking equipment. The right automatic door system can help keep these kitchen fires from spreading to other areas of the building.

Maintaining Automatic Doors for Safety in the Hospitality Industry

Not only is it crucial to install quality automatic doors in commercial buildings, but maintaining them is equally important. Keeping your doors up to code, doing regular maintenance, and making sure everything is working correctly is necessary for them to be as safe as possible.

Annual compliance checks should be routine for all businesses. This will ensure your doors are working appropriately or can assist you in determining what types of repairs should be made. 

The Best Types of Automatic Doors for Guest Safety in the Hospitality Industry

Many automatic doors can benefit guest safety in many ways. Look at the list of doors available for a safe and secure building, and decide which options would work the best for you.

Revolving Doors

Revolving doors are perfect for high-volume facilities with a lot of daily traffic. These doors can come as basic revolving doors or secure revolving doors. Secure doors can come with one or two-way security systems, bullet-proof glass, and security features to prevent piggybacking or tailgating. 

Automatic Swing Doors and Folding Doors

Automatic swing doors have various outstanding features, such as opening and closing speed controls, push-and-go activation, and obstruction sensing. Thanks to the fire protection features, you can add these doors to your building as part of your fire protection plan.

Automatic Sliding Doors

The air-filtration specs with automatic sliding glass doors are ideal for high-traffic areas and large crowded spaces. These doors can be installed throughout your building, offering a very appealing look and style.

Horizontal Accordion Doors

Horizontal accordion doors serve as fire and/or security  doors and can be used to create unobtrusive, yet code-compliant, elevator lobbies or corridor separation in many large hotels.

Access Control Systems

You can also select from various access control systems with your automatic doors. These can enhance the safety and security of your rooms, building, and guests.

Some safety access control systems to look into include
  • Hotel room door locking systems
  • Electronic locking systems
  • Mobile key solutions

Automatic Doors Are Safe and Visually Appealing

Being safe doesn’t mean you have to give up the pleasing aesthetics most hospitality businesses strive for. Both are possible with the right professional installation company and quality products.

Check out our selection of automatic doors or contact us to learn more about how they can be a beautiful solution to your security needs.
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