Sliding Doors

Door Services Corporation​ offers sliding door systems which are used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. The breadth of this product offering  is unparalleled in the industry.
Commercial sliding door systems are ideal to welcome visitors and save on heating and air conditioning cost. Breakdowns are disruptive, so it is crucial to keep your sliding doors working smoothly and efficiently. Door Services Corporation is your trusted partner for maintenance and repair of your automatic sliding doors.

Sliding Door Maintenance and Repair

Our main objective is to avoid any disruption of your traffic flow and keep your sliding doors working properly. Our AAADM certified technicians offer regular maintenance on sliding doors of all main brands in the industry, such as Horton Automatics, Stanley Access, Assa Abloy and Dorma Kaba.

With a Preventative Maintenance Agreement you will keep your sliding doors working properly and prevent any problems from happening. 

24-hour Emergency Repair Service for Automatic Doors

Sometimes something unforeseen happens leading to a breakdown of your automatic sliding door. This can happen when you are least prepared for it, like on the weekend or at the end of the day. Often times you don’t want to wait for the next working day to get it fixed. This is especially true in healthcare facilities and commercial buildings like shopping malls. 

Our 24-hour emergency repair service is there to help you out when you need your door fixed fast. Our AAADM certified technicians are available around the clock. They will arrive with a well-stocked van carrying most parts for Horton Automatics doors and other main brands in the industry. 

Get an AAADM Certified Technician to do an Inspection 

Every year you should have your sliding door systems checked by an AAADM certified technician. Our team is trained to carry out these inspections efficiently. In the process they will also do the relevant maintenance on your automatic doors, such as fixing misalignments, checking motion sensors and lubricating moving parts. This will prolong the life of your sliding doors.