Automatic Doors for Building Operators

January 24, 2019

Building owners and contractors always have ease of use in mind, but that concept has grown considerably. Advancements are particularly noticeable in the area of building access, where people with different needs have to quickly, efficiently, and safely enter and exit a building. Automatic doors are now a crucial component of good building design, and today’s building operators have a lot of automatic door options.

Types of Automatic Doors

An automatic door that opens by itself is a very common and appreciated feature in modern Canadian architecture, but there are a variety of different choices. Depending on building use, whether residential, retail, industrial or even mixed, a building operator may need one or more of the following types of doors:

Swinging Door

Automatic swing doors work the way normal doors do, opening in a fixed arc. Of course, the difference is that these doors will swing to the full extent automatically.

Sliding Door

An ubiquitous fixture of many commercial buildings, automatic sliding doors don’t swing open but, instead, slide on tracks to the left or right of the original position to grant access.

Folding Door

While not as common as the other solutions, automatic folding doors are very space-efficient.  They “fold into themselves” when opening, much in the same way that curtains do when opened to let in sunlight.

Other Automatic Door Types

Besides the automated door system, other alternatives forgo the cost of hardware, electronics, and sensor systems while at the same time still allow easier access.

Low-Energy Swinging Doors

This type of door uses the art of energy saving by allowing an easy manual swing until someone requires full support, a button can activate the actuating device on stand-by to open automatically.

Revolving Doors

These come as both automatic revolving systems and traditional manual configurations. Revolving doors are efficient at handling high-traffic areas where entryways are used regularly and frequently.

About the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM)

Canadian construction crews and building owners have access to large, established organizations like the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM). Building operators can get useful information from this trade group to meet important safety standards, as well as optimize advanced automatic door systems.

Advantages of Having Automatic Doors

The benefits of automatic doors are plenty. A properly maintained automatic door system allows a greater number of visitors to access a building easily. Providing automatic doors for patrons who have mobility issues will significantly boost the number of visitors who can enter your commercial property.

Also, automatic commercial doors can improve efficiency and safety. When receiving inventory or even important industrial hardware, automatic doors will come in handy. Now, moving equipment doesn’t require additional human resources or effort to ensure doors remain open during deliveries or equipment installation. The doors are wide enough and responsive to allow large shipments into the building.

Get automatic doors for your commercial space and see a boost in savings and sales!

Automatic Doors for Building Operators

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