A Clear Path and Track for the Winter Operations

March 07, 2019

For many businesses, having an automatic door system is a convenient way to minimize the struggle of entering or exiting a building. For customers, operating a manual door can be difficult, especially concerning ability, baggage, and the weight of some doors.

An automatic door eases the flow of traffic all year round. However, if you don’t schedule or practice automatic door maintenance during the winter season, the doors may not remain functional. Problems can arise due to extreme cold, slush, snow, and salt.

So, keeping up with weekly and even daily automatic door inspections and housekeeping will decrease the occurrence of malfunctioning doors and limit costly visits from technicians. Here’s how you can maintain the efficiency of your automatic door system during the winter.

Issues with Salt & the operation of your Automatic Door

Salt is widely used during the winter season to melt ice. Although it’s essential, salt can be problematic conditions for an automatic door. These systems become susceptible to glitches when salt is lodged in the tracks of the door. You’ll have to get out a broom to brush in between the tracks and dislodge salt. Once the salt is removed, the door can move smoothly again.

Snow & Ice Can Build Up in the Path of Automatic Doors

In the winter, snow and ice are inevitable but can cause serious issues for an automatic door system. Ice and snow can make their way into the gaps and tracks of the doors. They can also collect along the base of the door. When this occurs, automatic door operation is restricted, often causing the doors not to open at all. Removing snow and ice promptly after it collects in doorways will ensure your doors remain operational.

Winter Weather Can Cover an Automatic Door Opener

Without a sensor, an automatic door system would not be functional. The sensor or automatic door opener is pivotal for doors to open and close instinctively. When these sensors are blocked by snow or ice, doors do not operate efficiently and are often reluctant to close. To limit delays in the opening or closing of your automatic sliding door, keep the sensors clean and free from obstructions.

Door Services Corporation Offers Automatic Door Systems

Having an automatic door at the entrance of your building certainly has its benefits. However, when the door’s performance is affected by winter weather, it is no longer a convenience but an annoyance. Keeping up with daily maintenance duties, such as clearing out salt, snow, and ice is critical to the performance of your automatic door system. It keeps your patrons happy and prevents any possible injuries or disruptions.  

If you require further information on how to maintain your automatic doors in the winter, or you are interested in automatic door services and systems, contact us. One of our experts would be more than happy to assist.

A Clear Path and Track for the Winter Operations


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