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How to Select the Right Automatic Doors for Healthcare Institutions

November 02, 2020

Automatic Doors for Healthcare

The healthcare industry needs to take far more extensive and sometimes extraordinary measures when it comes to access for visitors. It’s one of the industries where, due to its focus on medical concerns, there is a significantly higher likelihood of interacting with people who have mobility issues.
That is one of the reasons why automatic door standards and handicap door installation, such as hospital automatic doors, are not just a convenience but also a critical piece of infrastructure for healthcare facilities.

Your Community Impression Matters

One of the most important moments in a visit to a healthcare center is the first impression. For a facility that is all about healthcare, the doors leading to the facility are critical to impressing and helping guests.
Your reputation as a caring medical facility will be damaged once people see that your building is not easily accessible to disabled visitors or those with mobility or health problems.

Doors that allow anyone to enter easily communicate that building owners and operators care about service. Automatic doors also allow your staff to remain at their posts, instead of stopping their duties to assist people as they try to access the building.

Also, so critical in healthcare is creating touchless access solutions. Touchless solutions are critical to help reduce the spread of germs in any facility. Because of today’s environments, hands-free solutions are also available for manual doors.

Types of Doors That Fit Your Healthcare Needs

A healthcare facility may receive visitors with temporary or permanent mobility issues. People using canes, walkers, and wheelchairs all have difficulty with standard, manual doors. That is why it’s important to make sure you have appropriate entry systems in place, such as automatic handicap doors that come in a variety of types.

Automatic Swing Door

This door is one of the most common types, opening the way conventional doors do, but without requiring pushing or pulling. The automatic swing door can either open when a motion sensor is triggered or when someone pushes an access button.

Automatic Sliding Door

The automatic sliding door is also very common—and in some instances more popular—because it doesn’t swing in or out, which can make entry easier. Like the swing door, it can be tied to motion sensors when someone approaches, or it may require pushing a large, easy access button or trigger to activate.

Reliable Automatic Doors in Emergency Situations

Beyond the general access doors, medical and healthcare facilities may require more specific entry systems for specialized medical needs. There are self-closing, smoke-rated doors, doors that can accommodate hospital beds when moved, and even automatic hospital doors that remain compliant with strict healthcare codes, for use in ICUs and even X-ray rooms that demand lead lining for radiation protection.

AAADM Certified

The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers is a trade group founded in 1994 that is dedicated to ensuring quality manufacturing of automatic doors that meet the highest standards of safety and reliability.
Any door that is AAADM certified meets rigorous criteria and will provide years of reliable operation, ensuring that visitors can safely and easily gain access to healthcare facilities, while owners can count on the doors to work without needing constant maintenance and upkeep. If it’s an AAADM certified door, it’s going to be something you can trust and rely on.

How to Select the Right Automatic Doors for Healthcare Institutions

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