Automatic Doors and Reopening of Universities / Schools

September 21, 2020

dukeentranceAccording to a recent study by Davidson College and the Chronicle of Higher Education, out of 3,000 colleges and universities in the US, while many locations are starting the semester online, there are still so many that have opened their doors for in-person learning. Now more than ever, doors in all open facilities need to be operating at top performance; automating doors will be key to keeping the spread of viruses low.

Automatic doors are an ideal solution to challenges faced by all education facilities – from elementary schools to universities. The doors increase security, help save on energy costs, enhance accessibility and help reduce the spread of germs throughout the facilities.

Automatic Doors & Aesthetics in Schools

Automatic entry doors can enhance first impressions when considering schools. Consider visiting a college campus for the first time…when the aesthetics of the entryway make one react with a ‘Wow’ or ‘Look how nice this is!’, you remember that visit and it will have an impact (whether consciously or subconsciously!) on which college/university you will consider for your education.

Energy and Cost Savings in Education Facilities

More than just aesthetics, automatic doors can also help reduce energy costs.

We found one of many examples from a study done by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This study found that having everyone on campus use revolving doors, the facility would save about 1.5 percent of the total energy needed to cool and heat the building annually.

On a single use basis, that works out to about 36 watt hours of energy saved each time you choose revolving over swing doors — the energy needed to run a 60-watt lightbulb for a little over a half hour.

campus library

These savings, they calculated, would lead to a 14.6 ton reduction in carbon dioxide emitted. For reference, the average American emits about 17.6 tons annually across all his or her activities.

Additional studies have shown that automatic sliding doors not only release less heat than a swing door as people pass through, but that the energy saved by using an automatic door is far greater than the energy needed to operate the door. 

With easily programmable sensors to control sensitivity and range, automatic doors only open when needed and are available in hundreds of configurations.

Accessibility on College Campuses

Did you know the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires U.S. colleges that receive federal funds to provide the accommodations students need to live and learn on campus? An estimated 11% of undergrads report disabilities. College campus buildings are required to be easily accessible for those with physical disabilities, including impaired mobility, loss of vision or hearing. But not all have embraced the latest ADA Amendments Act of 2008.

We want to help make your doors ADA compliant! We offer service on a wide range of low energy swing doors for ADA compliance and full power swing doors for heavy traffic applications. 

Door Maintenance on Campus

school doors reopen

Whether the educational facility is Kindergarten through 12, college dormitory, university or a vocational / vo-tech building, the Facility Manager must not forget to consider a maintenance program for the doors on campus. When school is in session, high foot traffic is a daily occurrence. The maintenance program will help extend the life of the doors and help avoid emergency service calls.

Unplanned downtime is costly for all facilities. Give us a call and we can help provide a custom solution to fit your needs. A preventative maintenance program will help avoid costly service calls for your automatic doors and keep your door operational. It will help to:
  • Limit the need for door repairs
  • Eradicate unsafe conditions
  • Reduce the impact of risk audits
  • Control expenses and eliminate emergency services
Our service technicians are AAADM certified (American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers). They will regularly inspect the commercial and pedestrian doors in your building. They make sure that your automatic doors function at optimal operating standards.

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