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June 13, 2024

Automatic doors make entry and exit from rooms and buildings easier and more convenient. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t require attention. Occasionally, you’ll need to perform maintenance on your doors to keep them in good working order or to repair them if something breaks.

If you’ve invested in automatic doors for your school or commercial building, maintenance is an essential part of your door’s life. It’s the best way to ensure your door lasts as long as possible and performs safely and reliably.

Automatic Door Maintenance

Automatic doors are long-term investments. They are designed to last for decades. But this won’t be the case if you neglect the doors on your building. The best way to avoid major door repairs and expensive replacements and repairs is to perform regular preventative maintenance. This ensures that everyone using the doors is safe and that the doors work as efficiently as possible.

Maintenance of your automatic door is essential for keeping it safe, functional, and long-lasting. A comprehensive maintenance checklist prevents unexpected breakdowns that can lead to security breaches and harmful accidents.

The following door maintenance is essential to keep your commercial door in top condition:

  • Inspections
  • Adjustments to speed and force settings
  • Cleaning of sensors and tracks
  • Ensuring doors operate within the AAADM safety standards

Preventative door maintenance extends the life of your automatic door and safeguards against potential liabilities and disruptions. A proactive approach is always best when you rely on your door to serve patrons, students, and anyone accessing your building.

Automatic Door Maintenance Services Provided by Door Services Corporation

Our experienced technicians provide routine automatic door service and door maintenance to ensure your automatic doors are in good working order. For example:

Visual Inspection

Our techs visually inspect your door to ensure that everything is operating properly. They’ll remove any debris or obstructions hindering door operation and ensure the door runs along its tracks as intended.

Weather Stripping

Weatherstripping is a small but essential component of your automatic doors. Weatherstripping is used around swinging and automatic revolving doors to create a barrier preventing air from seeping into or out of your building. Regularly replacing weather stripping is a simple and cost-effective way to improve your doors’ performance.

Lock Latch and Strike Alignment

Swinging doors feature a latch and strike that must be aligned to create a tight seal. Properly aligning your door ensures security and makes automatic doors function as they should.


To operate efficiently, your automatic doors’ hinges and other parts must be able to move smoothly. Regular lubrication ensures that all metal moving parts operate as intended and extends the life of your parts and the doors overall.


Your door’s threshold must be tight so nothing can get through it. This includes the elements and tiny unwelcome visitors like mice and bugs. Over time, the threshold is likely to shift. The good news is that one of our experienced technicians can readjust the door’s threshold, ensuring it’s secure and intact so your door offers the best protection against water ingress, rodents, and bugs.

Automatic Door Maintenance

If it’s time to schedule your automatic door preventative maintenance or you know service is needed because your door isn’t working as it once did, we can help. Door Services Corporation offers:

  • Fast and efficient automatic door maintenance performed by AAADM-certified technicians
  • On-demand automatic door service of all major automatic door manufacturers' doors
  • 24/7 emergency service and commercial door repair if and when your door malfunctions when you least expect it
  • Preventative maintenance to help you avoid unexpected repairs and keep your door working optimally

Schedule a routine maintenance checkup for your automatic doors to avoid untimely and expensive repairs.

Read more about using summer for maintenance of your automatic doors. Summer is an ideal time for large maintenance and replacement projects.

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