Schedule Summer Maintenance Now for Your School's Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are one of the best options schools have for keeping students and staff safe. They offer reliable, functional, and safe access to buildings of educational institutions, especially during emergencies. Put your mind at ease in our unpredictable modern-day world with an automatic door.

Summer is the perfect time to incorporate or perform maintenance on your school’s automatic doors. Maintenance extends the life of your door, avoids untimely malfunctions, and prevents costly repairs. Summer maintenance is a great way to ensure your doors are reliable and safe. Learn how to know when it’s time for maintenance or schedule an inspection this summer for your automatic doors.

Automatic Doors in Schools

 Door Services Corporation provides automatic doors for various educational facilities. Whether you want to boost security, improve fire protection, or just make entering and exiting a school building easier, automatic doors open on command and offer both the ease and security you want for your building.

Why Automatic Doors are important for educational facilities

 Automatic doors for your school are administrators’ tools for improving safety, security, and access to school buildings. Modern-day education facilities must make safety the number one priority. Protecting students on school grounds requires investing in top-notch security options, including automatic doors.

Regular Maintenance of Automatic Doors in Schools

 Regular maintenance of automatic doors in school buildings is essential for ensuring these doors work properly, provide safe entry and exit, and last as long as possible. Understanding why maintenance matters and when to schedule automatic door maintenance is essential for school administrators and others in charge of keeping doors functioning properly.

Summer is an ideal time for large maintenance and replacement

 Summer is the perfect time to handle large maintenance and replacement issues with your automatic school doors. With classes not in session, you won’t need to worry about inconvenience and safety issues while your doors receive the attention they need to remain operational during the upcoming school year.