Automatic Door Maintenance Tips for School Administrators

June 13, 2024

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School administrators are responsible for the safety and security of staff, students, and their families. Automatic doors are one of the best tools available for creating safe entry and exit into buildings and securing those buildings so no unwelcome visitors can enter. Keeping these doors in good working condition is the only way to ensure they perform as intended and offer the safety and protection needed for school buildings.

In addition to ensuring that everyone is comfortable using the doors and that those responsible for operating them are properly trained, administrators must also ensure that the doors are regularly inspected and that routine maintenance and repairs are performed as needed.

Administrators should schedule routine checkups for their doors and all components, call on professionals to identify and address any unnoticed issues and collaborate with specialists to ensure that doors are maintained and remain functional.

What are some of the most helpful automatic door maintenance tips for school administrators responsible for automatic door care?

Scheduled Inspections

Scheduling regular inspections performed by professional inspectors ensures that your doors are seen by someone familiar with how they operate. All types of automatic doors, whether sliding, swinging, folding, or revolving, should be maintained on a routine schedule. This ensures that doors work properly. Regular inspections also reduce the chances of extensive and costly damages from developing.

At least annually, school administrators should have an AAADM-certified technician inspect and provide maintenance to all automatic doors in the school building. It’s also highly recommended that a check is performed to prove your doors comply with relevant ANSI standards.

Daily Checks

A daily inspection is one of the easiest and best ways to keep doors in good working order. Administrators should look over sensors, opening mechanisms, and various other components of automatic doors. Daily safety checks ensure that everyone entering your facility is always in a safe and secure environment.

Daily inspections help you avoid common mishaps and accidents, including:

  • Tripping on mats
  • Sensor failure
  • Doors closing too quickly

Daily checks should evaluate:

Door Operations

  • Sensors: Walk to the door at a moderate pace. Check that the door opens when you are a few feet away, slides smoothly, and stops without impact.
  • Closing rate: Remain directly between the doors to check that doors stay open. The door should open fully if closed, if open it should remain open for at least 1.5 seconds after you move your hand.
  • Door hardware: Check if the mat (if present) and threshold are secure. Check all door panels for broken or cracked glass. Make sure an ‘emergency push open’ sign and a ‘caution automatic door’ sign are correctly displayed.

General Area Surrounding the Automatic Door

  • Mats: Step on the opening mat. The door should swing open smoothly without getting caught or impacted by the mat. A mat should be nearly as wide as the door opening, allowing for five inches of room on either side.
  • Clearance: The door area should be free from merchandise displays or other attractions where the door could hit people.
  • Keep up with the weather: Stay aware of inclement weather and any issues it may cause. Make sure the floor guides are kept clean and free of debris that could prevent the door from sliding. Exposure to UV rays, freezing rain, snow, and ice can cause mats to become brittle, have contact problems, and fall apart. 

Professional Servicing

Should anything malfunction with your door or you need to schedule a routine inspection, it’s best to seek professional servicing of your door. This is the case for complex issues, as well as routine maintenance.

Appointments include a visit from a technician who will thoroughly inspect your entire system. Once complete, technicians repair any issues found during the inspection. They take preventive measures to reduce the risk of future damage. During an inspection and checkup, all mechanical and functional parts of the door system are inspected, lubricated, and replaced (if needed).

Inspections ensure that your door remains in good working order and helps your school save money. Research shows that regular preventative maintenance can save up to 25 percent on the costs of maintaining and repairing your door.

Regular inspections and maintenance can avoid many common safety issues. If you’re a school administrator and you’d like to discuss upgrading your automatic sliding door systems, or you require automatic door accessories for existing doors, we’d be happy to schedule a visit.

Regular inspections and maintenance of your automatic door prevent avoidable damage and mishaps. Should you require advice from door maintenance specialists, we’re here to help. Trust the professionals at Door Services Corporation to protect your investment. We’re your trusted automatic door company with door maintenance specialists on hand to perform all maintenance and repairs.

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