Types of Automatic Doors Used in Schools To Promote Safety & Security

February 19, 2024

What are the best types of automatic doors for schools? Choose a system that offers educational facilities increased security, accessibility, and reliability.

automatic door used in schools

Technology is always advancing, and it’s important to advance along with it. To keep up with modern architecture, improving the accessibility and convenience of school buildings is a must, and it can start with upgrading the doors used throughout the facility.

Post-pandemic, many people fear touching door handles. With an increase in school violence, people want more safety protocols in place. With an influx in diverse school systems, people need more options when it comes to entering and exiting a room. 

To keep up with the demands of a new era, automatic doors come in all shapes and sizes, with an array of impressive features to make moving through the hallways a breeze.

Types of Automatic Doors for Schools

There isn't just one type of door system for schools and other educational facilities. In fact, you will find an array of options, each beneficial in different ways and performing various functions. 

In the past, the typical school entrance had a swinging glass door, while classrooms were equipped with swinging wooden doors. Today, these setups have improved tenfold, making it easier than ever to walk through a building without the need to push or pull a heavy, germ-infested manual door.

With all the commercial door models on the market today, schools and universities are more diverse than ever before. 

  • Automatic sliding door: Automatic sliding doors operate by sliding along a track, providing a wide entryway to accommodate large groups of students moving in and out of the building.
  • Automatic revolving door: Revolving doors are visually appealing and keep traffic moving smoothly and safely.
  • Automatic swinging door: An automatic swing door works like a traditional swing door; however, this option offers wider space, easier entry, and can save energy.
  • Automatic folding door: Folding doors are ideal for smaller spaces and can help temporarily divide rooms into separate areas.
  • Automatic fire door: Fire doors are a great safety feature to add to any school building. These doors are designed to contain a fire, protecting students and staff during emergencies. 
  • Horizontal Accordion Fire & Security Doors: These doors are an innovative solution to code constraints that might otherwise impact the beauty, flow and openness of a school building.

Each door is easy to open, can make the school day move along much quicker, and can resolve issues with heavy traffic and limited flexibility. They are reliable and reduce the need for commercial door repair services, especially when properly serviced and maintained.

To make things even more efficient, there are various types of automatic door operation features to choose from. 

Automatic Door Operators and Features

To help your automatic door function easier and open to provide more benefits than simply opening and closing, there are various features to consider when choosing a setup.

Some features include:
  • Door openers: Some options for a door opener include a motion sensor, card reader, and weight sensors.
  • Door locks: School door locks are also automatic and can be set up for various security purposes, such as anti-passback, anti-piggybacking, locking when the alarm sounds, and more.
  • Remote operations: Doors can be set up to work with or without remote controls and can be set up with remote voice messages.
  • Magnetic breakaways: This breakaway option lets the user open the door quickly in an emergency.
  • Bullet-resistant glass: An additional layer of security can be added to a school building with doors made from bullet-resistant glass.
  • School lock-down: Some doors can be controlled remotely and lock down an area of a school within 7 seconds to block sight and prevent outside intruders from entering.

When designing the ideal automatic door system for an educational facility, making the best choices in school door designs is crucial.

Benefits of Automatic Doors in Schools 

Automatic doors are excellent fixtures to set up in all types of buildings in almost any industry for numerous reasons. 

In the education industry, automatic doors can play a massive role in various areas, including safety/security, accessibility, inclusivity, and reliability.

Safety and Security

accordion fire and security doors

Sadly, the safety of schools is a huge topic. Horizontal, accordion folding fire and security doors make a school a safer space for children, teachers, and staff, offering schools products to protect against fires and intruders. These doors can stop intruders in their tracks with these added benefits such as access controls, high speed closing options, and fire protection.

Automatic doors provide an extra layer of safety and security to school buildings. Choosing the proper school door setup can change how your students and faculty feel when attending classes. 

Installing a system that implements safety features such as bullet-resistant glass, automatic locks, fire-resistant doors, and access control ensures schools are ready and prepared for all situations, preventing emergencies or reducing damage in the aftermath.

Touchless features also increase safety, preventing illnesses from spreading throughout a building.


With the cutting-edge technology used to design automatic door systems, visitors have better access to the facility, traffic is more fluent, and entering and exiting the building is less of a hassle.

By utilizing ID badges to enter, you reduce backups at the entrance of schools or in the hallways. By installing motion sensors, doors can open for students carrying an arm full of books.


Fitting in (in any school setting) can be a challenge for some, especially when they have a disability that prevents them from accessing locations and areas that others can.

With broader doorways and touch-free door openers, everyone can have the same easy access to every room, providing the same services for all students, teachers, administrators, visitors, etc.


The right automatic door system will come with peace of mind that every school's sliding doors, folding doors, revolving doors, etc., will open and close seamlessly every time.

High-quality automatic doors require little maintenance, and repairs are quick. With reliable door services, classes can start on time, and students can't use them as an excuse for being late. 

Swing Doors vs. Sliding Doors

swing doorThe two most popular automatic doors providing access to schools today are swinging doors and sliding doors. Both options are suitable for entrances and classrooms; however, they vary in function and aren't always suited for every room.

Sliding doors save space since the glass panels run on a track, opening to the sides. They can hide away in the wall and don't require any room in front or behind the frame to open. Automatic sliding doors can also open much wider than swinging doors, providing more space for larger traffic areas or oversized items.

Swing doors, however, are more practical in various situations and can be more secure. Swing doors also provide a more simplistic design, requiring less maintenance. 

With that said, both of these automatic door systems can be set up with many of the same features, making them safe, secure, and easy to use in all types of situations. While sliding doors are an excellent option for main entrances, cafeterias, and large conference rooms, swinging doors can be the perfect go-to for classrooms, bathrooms, lab spaces, etc.

What Are the Best Automatic Doors for Schools?

When deciding on a door system for an educational facility, there are many facts to consider. Security, accessibility, traffic control, and the maintenance needed to keep the door functioning correctly are only a handful of things to consider. 

All automatic door systems provided by Door Services Corporation can benefit any school facility. They all come durable, built from heavy-duty materials, and installed by certified experts. 

Each product offers access control, safety features, and energy effect designs, making them a top choice in the commercial door industry. Best of all, if you have any trouble, questions, or concerns regarding your setup, Door Services Corporation has a team of commercial door repair technicians ready to help you out. 

Types of Automatic Doors Used in Schools To Promote Safety & Security

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