Commercial Door Servicing Guide

This Guide contains everything you need to know to keep your Automatic Doors functioning safely and efficiently!

A malfunction of a commercial door in your building can completely disrupt all traffic, especially if it’s an automatic front door. As a Facility Manager you will want to prevent issues as much as possible, and make sure that any failures get fixed as quickly as possible. Below we share all the resources you need to keep your Automatic Doors functioning without fail.

Facility managers need to optimize the traffic in their buildings, and automatic doors can make a great contribution. In this section you’ll find an overview of the different types of automatic doors, their history, and how they are used to contain the spreading of viruses, save energy, increase security and improve access to your building.
The automatic doors in your building represent a substantial investment. Keeping your doors working with regular maintenance will protect your investment and avoid the costs of door repair services. We offer you expert assistance for emergency door repair, door replacement, and general commercial door repair service. The resources provided below can help you keep your door systems working efficiently:

Even with the best maintenance, your door may break down due to an accident or by wear-and-tear. In the event of damage or malfunction of your commercial door you will want to have it repaired as quickly as possible! Below is a list of resources to help you understand the terms used in commercial and automatic door repair for things like commercial door repair, door lock repair, and more. 

There are many design standards and requirements that must be followed when installing or upgrading pedestrian doors. Here is an overview of the various regulations and codes that are relevant for automatic doors.