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A Commercial Door Malfunction Completely Disrupts Traffic in a Building

When a pedestrian commercial door breaks down in your facility, it completely disrupts the traffic in the building, especially if it’s an automatic front door. You need the problem solved fast because it’s costing money and is a major inconvenience.

Unfortunately technicians often have a slow response time, show up without the spare parts they need and don’t have the experience to fix the problem. Many people suffer, waiting for just one person to arrive and do a proper job.

At Advanced Door Automation We Keep Your Commercial Door Working

We are a commercial door company dedicated to fast response times, with the largest local presence and the most technicians on the road.

Our AAADM certified technicians are the most experienced in the industry and come with fully stocked vans, ready for almost any repair to your door. We solve problems with all types of pedestrian commercial doors efficiently and at a competitive price.

We’re backed by Horton Automatics, the company that invented the sliding door 60 years ago. You get the advantage of a big brand and a local company with people that really care and want to see your business succeed.

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Why Our Clients Choose Advanced Door Automation

Preventative Maintenance

With our industry-leading preventative maintenance agreements we prevent break-downs and save on costs over the life of your door.
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Best Local Presence

With 12 technicians, each with a van fully stocked with parts, we have the largest presence in the community.
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Speed of Dispatch

We will have a technician work on your door within 24 hours. In an emergency we will help you after hours.
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Most Industry Experience

Our technicians have the most experience based on 60 years of company history and a leading technician training program.
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Download: Preventative Maintenance Tips For Your Automatic Doors

Take these simple measures to ensure that your commercial and industrial doors run smoothly year round and function consistently.

Our Process

Getting your Automatic Door fixed is as easy as 1-2-3:

Call Us 24/7

We answer the phone day and night and have technicians on call 24/7. We schedule a technician within 24 hours. If it’s an emergency then we will service your door even after hours.

Fast Dispatch

Our AAADM certified technician comes and investigates the problem. We assess the door and let you know what needs to be done to quickly return it to its fully functional state.

Reliable Repair

We repair your door on the spot with cost-effective and high quality parts from the inventory in our van. For more complex issues or rare parts, we will schedule a timely follow-up.

Commercial Door Products

We have the greatest product depth and breadth in the industry, with more types of openings than any competitor including innovative technical solutions for niche industries.

Automatic Door Services

Your pedestrian access needs are our concern. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians are ready to provide you with the best solutions for all your opening needs, from commercial door installation to automatic door maintenance and repairs. We offer the following commercial door services

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24/7 Emergency Repair Service

Advanced Door Automation has AAADM certified technicians that are available around the clock to provide 24-hour emergency service to ensure the safety and security of your business.

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Commercial Door Installation

Our certified employees are available to serve your needs before, during and after install. Our 3-step process ensures quality product but also proper and safe installation.

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Automatic Door Maintenance

Advanced Door Automation not only sells and installs top quality doors, windows and accessories, we also provide support and maintenance on all your automatic doors.

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Commercial Door Repair

Choosing the right partner for your commercial door repair services is just as important as choosing the right automatic door manufacturer. We can help!

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Won-Door Maintenance & Inspections

Keep your commercial doors working efficiently with our automatic door maintenance agreements. Our door maintenance contract will help avoid costly repairs.

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Door Maintenance Contracts

Keep your commercial doors working efficiently with our automatic door maintenance agreements. Our door maintenance contracts will help avoid costly repairs.

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Fire Door Inspections

We make sure your Fire Doors are keeping your employees and customers safe. Fire door inspections are the first step toward fire door compliance. Find out more!

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Manual Door Service & Installation

We help our clients reduce down-time and cost with fast service by the most experienced technicians. As an authorized distributor of various brands, we work with various types of manual doors.

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So, Call Us Now For Immediate Service

In the meantime, download our whitepaper with tips for maintenance of your commercial door, or meet some of the clients we have helped to keep the doors in their building running smoothly so that people can easily and safely move in and out. You can stop being frustrated with the delays and high cost of door repairs and instead have complete peace of mind from predictable cost and smooth operation based on quality service performed quickly.

Communities We Serve

  • Asheville, NC }
  • Charlotte, NC }
  • Concord, NC }
  • Durham, NC }
  • Fayettville, NC }
  • Goldsboro, NC }
  • Greensboro, NC }
  • Hickory, NC }
  • Jacksonville, NC }
  • New Bern, NC }
  • Raleigh, NC }
  • Rocky Mount, NC }
  • Salisbury, NC }
  • Wake Forest, NC }
  • Wilmington, NC }
  • Winston Salem, NC }
  • Winston, NC }

What Our Clients Say

With 60 years of experience and the most skilled technicians in the industry, we have helped countless clients keep their commercial doors in shape.
Here are some client testimonials:

Service technician was polite, explained the problem and the repair process.

Chuck Fitzgerald

My automatic sliding door was installed today. Thank you for sending the guys that came to install it. They did an excellent job and they were great professionals. Everything went seamlessly including working with the electrician. Much appreciated!!

Our automatic door was not working and they were out the next day after I called. It was diagnosed and fixed that day. Very pleased with service.

R Hunsberger

Hospital Doors

Trusted partner for healthcare facilities, from revolving entrance doors to ICU and hospital room doors.
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Industrial Doors

Professional installation and maintenance of industrial door systems in warehousing and manufacturing.
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Security Doors

We provide comfort and confidence with commercial security door installation and maintenance.
Find out more platform screen security doors

Hospitality Doors

Automatic hospitality doors that leave your customers with a great first impression and work reliably.
Find out more hospitality doors

Cleanroom Doors

Reliable doors for any cleanroom environment in medical facilities and various other industries settings.
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Transit Solutions

Effective entrance solutions for the high security requirements of modern public transit.
Find out more transit solutions

Senior Living Facilities

Durable, reliable automatic and manual doors for all areas in nursing homes and senior living facilities.
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Schools must be functional yet safe for students of all ages, especially young children.
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We offer retail & storefront doors for applications like automotive, banks, entertainment venues, grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and shopping centers.
Find out more retail doors

Frequently asked questions

All our technicians are AAADM certified and carry their AAADM cards with them.

Advanced Door Automation provides rapid service with our goal being 24 hour response time.

No. Any and all service work needs to be performed by a certified Technician on site. Their physical presence is the only way to ensure that appropriate diagnosis and repair take place.

Our Technicians do everything they can to repair existing equipment but there are times when it is either technically or financially not feasible to carry out the repairs. In these instances, we can offer factory rebuilt product or brand new equipment at the customer’s request.

AAADM stands for The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers. AAADM is a trade association of manufacturers of automatic pedestrian door systems. AAADM members work collectively in creating standards that define and govern the installation, function and safety for automatic pedestrian doors.



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