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Monroe, GA

Automatic doors are great for quick and easy access to various hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and commercial buildings in the Monroe area. 

When a commercial door breaks down, there can be significant disruptions in the flow of your business, especially if it is an automatic front door entry into your business. At Advanced Door Service, we provide coverage in Monroe, Georgia. We understand how pressing the need can be to get this problem resolved quickly. 

Your trusted partners at Advanced Door Service pride ourselves on fast response times and having the most technicians on the road, our large local presence can provide comfort in knowing we are here for you. Preventative maintenance is important for the longevity of your automatic doors, preventing issues, and ensuring that there are no disruptions to your business’s operations.

What We Offer

Advanced Door Service in Monroe offers our regular automatic door maintenance which can be helpful in reducing any issues that may arise with your automatic doors, as well as protect your business. Our AAADM certified technicians help service your automatic doors and make sure that your commercial doors are in good shape at all times.

What If Something Breaks

Even with regular automatic door maintenance, problems still can come up and scheduling repairs should not be a headache. By calling Advanced Door Service, we will work with you to schedule the repair within just a few hours of your service request. Our certified technicians will come to your business with a well-stocked van, ready to tackle any problem.

What Automatic Doors do we Service?

There is a wide variety of doors that you may select as the appropriate door for your business, each with its own specific purpose. At Advanced Door Service in Monroe, Georgia, we can provide installation services, maintenance, repairs, and automatic door service for a wide variety of automatic doors, including:  At Advanced Door Service, we not only work on automatic doors that we installed, but we are more than happy to help with any commercial door that you have.  

Three Easy Steps

We want to make your journey of working with Advanced Door Service as easy as possible, and there are only three simple steps to getting your doors working better than ever. 

Step 1: Call us 24/7: We are always available to help you and answer the phone day and night, with technicians on call at all times. We will schedule a technician within 24 hours, and in the event of an emergency, we will service your automatic door even after hours. 

Step 2: Fast Dispatch: Our AAADM certified technicians come and investigate the problem. Your assigned technician will assess the door and let you know what needs to be done to resolve the issues with your automatic door.

Step 3: Reliable Repair: Our technicians will repair your door on the spot with cost-effective and high-quality parts. All of our parts inventory is on our technician’s van, which means that repairs can be completed quickly and effectively. 

Contact Us Now

As a trusted partner for all of your automatic door service, maintenance, and repair needs, call Advanced Door Service for fast and friendly service. 

Contact us now to discuss your business needs and how we can help provide you with the best business for your automatic doors.  

Our hours are 8 AM—5 PM Monday to Friday, and 24-hour service if there are ever any issues with your automatic doors.  



24/7 Emergency Repair Service

Advanced Door Service has AAADM certified technicians that are available around the clock to provide 24-hour emergency service to ensure the safety and security of your business.

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Commercial Door Installation

Our certified employees are available to serve your needs before, during and after install. Our 3-step process ensures quality product but also proper and safe installation.

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Automatic Door Maintenance

Advanced Door Service not only sells and installs top quality doors, windows and accessories, we also provide support and maintenance on all your automatic doors.

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Commercial Door Repair

Choosing the right partner for your commercial door repair services is just as important as choosing the right automatic door manufacturer. We can help!

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Won-Door Maintenance & Inspections

Keep your commercial doors working efficiently with our automatic door maintenance agreements. Our door maintenance contract will help avoid costly repairs.

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Door Maintenance Contracts

Keep your commercial doors working efficiently with our automatic door maintenance agreements. Our door maintenance contracts will help avoid costly repairs.

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Fire Door Inspections

We make sure your Fire Doors are keeping your employees and customers safe. Fire door inspections are the first step toward fire door compliance. Find out more!

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Manual Door Service & Installation

We help our clients reduce down-time and cost with fast service by the most experienced technicians. As an authorized distributor of various brands, we work with various types of manual doors.

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Service technician was polite, explained the problem and the repair process.

Chuck Fitzgerald

Excellent service, knowledgeable staff.


My automatic sliding door was installed today. Thank you for sending the guys that came to install it. They did an excellent job and they were great professionals. Everything went seamlessly including working with the electrician. Much appreciated!!